Artist Statemant

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

                                                 Albert Einstein



I was very young when I discovered that art could transport you to another place. The first time was when I found the incredibly strange world of Dr. Seuss.  His extraordinary places and towns allowed me to get lost in them. I wasn’t interested in the words just the images.  My brother’s love of Marvel and DC comics introduced me to the comic world.  They were full of super heroes, spectacular cities and wild architecture.  Then as an adult I encountered Dali and Gaudi.


The Spotted Ball © is a playful, sensual, but mysterious representation of the soul.  It locates in different places to transport the viewer to a place that is micro or macro.   My work expresses my interest in the essence of organic forms. I seek the “unseen” aspect of structures in everyday life.


I have experimented for years with the painting technique I use.  The process is a build up of many thin layers of acrylic washes.  The darker under layers show through giving contour and depth to the painting. The final layers give the painting a glow. I use strong tribal colors for the impact on the primal aspect of the viewer.

Mataji Lyn

“The Spotted Ball © is dedicated to my brother, Duncan – who has taught me about imagination.”